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Rooted in the traditions of Latin and American jazz, with an innovative, multi-genre sound, Puerto Rican vocalist Taisha Estrada is a compelling songwriter and storyteller. Taisha engages audiences through her lyrics and dynamic stage performance. Her musical projects have been featured in the Washington Post and NPR’s Tiny Desk show, and she has performed at such venues as the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage, Blues Alley, Strathmore's AMP, Songbyrd and Union Stage.


Taisha released her debut album of original songs, Nostalgia Ajena (Foreign Nostalgia) on April 22, 2023, reflecting her roots in the Caribbean. The songs are influenced by her upbringing with grandparents who felt a strong devotion to la patria, their homeland and the sounds of bomba and plena which coursed through Estrada’s veins from a young age. Inspired by her own experiences and the stories of the women she grew up around, Estrada’s tone, though tinged with melancholy, evokes hope and strength. Having developed a deep appreciation for nature and the sensory experience of the Caribbean, Estrada’s music and lyrics are colored with imagery of the islands. Her work strives to explore life, love and the beautiful yet mystifying relationship between humanity and the earth.
"As a composing musician Miss Estrada establishes herself at once as the ultimate, unstagey ingénue - simple, unspoiled, unacquainted with the formulas and formalities of the world. This shows in the brilliant simplicity of her music. It is as if the waves of the Caribbean from distant shores splash, each with their singularly unique rhythms, turn up on the proverbial beaches some part of the island where she dreams her music before she enters the studio to write and record it to perfection." - Raul de Gama of
Latin Jazz Net

"As composer, arranger, bandleader and vocalist there are no compromises, and there’s nowhere to hide. She’s clearly reveling in the role, interpreting each song in voice and with her physical presence on stage... Note perfect, beautiful tone, expressive, dynamic. That voice alone is enough to get excited about, but Taisha brings the full-package to the stage with this beautifully crafted songwriting." - Ken Avis of Antidote Records

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